Tuesday, February 4, 2014


We have heard many times from our customers that they have been told by the Dealer that they have to get keys to their vehicle from them and that no one else can make them.  This is simply untrue.  Captain's Lock & Key enjoys educating our customers about what their options are when it comes to keys for their vehicles.

There are many benefits to hiring us for all your automotive key needs.  Listed below are just a few:

1.  NO TOW - Captain's Lock & Key comes to you to cut and program your automotive keys.  As we all know towing is quite expensive.  If you hire the Dealer to make your keys, you must have your vehicle towed to them.

2.  COMPETITIVE PRICES - Captain's Lock & Key is very competitive with their prices.  We been told time and time again by our customers that we have the best prices around.

3.  RELIABILITY - Captain's Lock & Key takes pride in sticking to our word.  We make every effort to arrive on time for our appointments because we understand in this busy world that your time is valuable too!!

4.  QUALITY KEYS - Captain's Lock & Key offers quality automotive keys.  No China knock-offs here!!  Too many times we have seen cheaply made keys bought off the internet turn out to be inoperable.  The customer ends up losing in the long run.  Let us provide the key for you.  We stand behind our keys 100%.

5.  FRIENDLY SERVICE - Captain's Lock & Key will always arrive with a smile!!  We enjoy meeting and servicing our customers.  It is because of YOU that we exist!!  We treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Remember to Call the Captain First with all of your automotive key needs!!  225-673-2800!!

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