Friday, February 14, 2014


Transponder Keys AKA Chip Keys are used in the majority of cars built after 1995.  They are used to unlock and start vehicles.  There is a small microchip located in the plastic part of the key and that microchip has a unique serial number that is set during its initial programming.

There are times the key can lose its programming due to a number of things and will need to be re-programmed.  If this occurs or if you happen to lose all of your keys, Captain's Lock & Key has the ability and knowledge to cut & program new keys for you.  Once re-programmed any old keys that may be floating around won't be able to start the vehicle thus eliminating the chance of your vehicle being stolen.

The dealer is NOT your only option when it comes to getting chip keys made for your vehicle.  Actually in most cases it is less expensive to hire Captain's Lock & Key to come on-site and do the work for you.  By hiring Captain's Lock & Key to cut and program your chip keys you actually save time, trouble and most of all MONEY because you don't have to have your vehicle towed to the dealer.

Don't delay - if you only have one key - call us to have a spare made - it will save you money in the long run.  If you've lost your key, Captain's Lock & Key is the company for you!!  We stand by our work 100% of the time!!  RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY & HONEST with you!!

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