Monday, September 19, 2011


There are ways to significantly minimise your risk so you are not an easy or attractive target for thieves.

  1. Check your security. For example a deadlock on doors is the most secure option, as thieves cannot get in without breaking the lock with a hammer or breaking a window. This of course causes noise and acts as a disincentive.
  2. Think about putting keyed window locks on windows but make sure that you have at least one easy escape route in case of fire.
  3. Keep your keys on you – don’t leave spare keys lying around the house when you go out.
  4. A sliding patio door can be the most vulnerable entryway. Think about installing a bolt lock with a key.
  5. If you have an alarm make sure you have up to date security stickers on your windows, door etc notifying would-be thieves that the property is alarmed. Faded stickers might give the impression that the alarm system is not in use any more.
  6. Use motion detector exterior lights.
  7. Cancel newspaper subscriptions and ask somebody to collect your mail each day for you.
  8. Don’t leave things lying around that might make it easier for somebody to break into your house such as ladders. Lock up tool sheds and garages.
  9. Don’t leave rubbish lying outside that may make a thief think there is something worthwhile stealing inside your home. Don’t leave out empty boxes from your new computer, flat screen TV or DVD for rubbish collection – put them in a rubbish bag or take to a recycling centre.
  10. Trim trees and bushes so there are not places where thieves can remain hidden giving them time to break into your home, especially around windows and entrances.
  11. Consider getting a house sitter. Is there somebody you know who may want to have a break over the holidays and be willing to stay at your place and look after things while you are away?
  12. Start a neighbourhood support group. They are a great way to meet your neighbours and means there will be somebody keeping an eye on your property while you are away.
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